Closing and Delays

Information regarding school closings, updates, and more


As much as some of us would like to ignore the impending chill of winter, we do recognize that we will likely be faced with at least one of, if not all of the following winter weather scenarios over the next several months. We wanted to take a moment to refresh your memories of how Red Door Early Learning Center intends to handle inclement weather delays and closures.


One Call System: You will receive notification from our one call system. It will inform parents of any delays, school closings, special events, and any emergency information you will need regarding the school. A follow-up email will also be sent through one-call as a back up to our phone system. Southern Lehigh School District Website: . As a general rule, Red Door willfollow the decision made by Southern Lehigh School District.

Sample Abbreviated Schedules are as follows:

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