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Red Door Reviews

"I would recommend their PreK Plus program to everyone"

“Red Door has far exceeded our expectations in preparing our daughter for school. Their PreK Plus program, along with Mrs. Gregorsky and Mrs. E, made learning so much fun! My daughter was reading and writing fluently by the end of the year! She was teaching us about condensation, digraphs, different types of insects and so much more! I would recommend their PreK Plus program to everyone. When my daughter entered her first day of school, the one thing I didn’t have to worry about was what if she was academically ready. I have Red Door to thank for that!"

-Lea B.

"Both of my children absolutely adore Red Door!"

"Both of my children absolutely adore Red Door! Alan maintain that he wants to go back because Red Door is his favorite school and Rach is having the time of her life! I have also loved the opportunities to help out at the school."

-Julie B.

"What a wonderful learning center!"

"I performed there today for the first time and was welcomed with open arms. The director and teachers are so very friendly and the children were well-behaved. They have a bright, open space for the kids to be together for special events."

-Maggie S.

"The teachers and staff are more than helpful."

"We’ve been attending Red Door for a few months now and are beyond impressed. The new facility is amazing! The teachers and staff are more than helpful. Our 5 year old is so happy which makes us happy. A positive learning experience is crucial."

-Sarah F.

"The staff are WONDERFUL and so welcoming."

"All three of my boys have gone to Red Door from 3 years old to Kindergarten. I cannot say enough great things about this school. The staff are WONDERFUL and so welcoming. It truly feels like a family and we have made so many friendships that we know will last a lifetime. The kids are the main priority and you can tell that all the staff love their job. They are extremely responsive and there are so many activities where parents and family can get involved."

- Vanly P.

"Red Door has established itself as the pillar of education for our preschool children."


"Red Door has become the safest place outside of my home for my children. I feel like it's a home away from home. Every year Red Door continues to offer a stronger, better program for our children. The staff is priceless!! I really believe Red Door has established itself within the community as the pillar of education for our preschool children. I am lucky to have had 3 of my 4 children spend their early years within the Red Door program."

"My sons both loved their experience at Red Door."

"Both of my older sons, Zachary and Nathan have graduated from Red Door. They both loved the experience there. Their teachers are wonderful! They foster their inquisitiveness of the world around them. It helped Zach prepare for kindergarten and I trust it will be the same for Nathan. I can’t wait till my youngest goes there in a few years."

-Jeanette L.

"There are not enough words to rave about the school."

"Both of my children have gone to Red Door and there are not enough words to rave about the school. The care, enthusiasm and pure focus on the children is exemplary. I would recommend this school to anyone!"

-Mita M.

"My son loves going to school everyday."

"Red Door is an outstanding school and has taken wonderful care of my son the last three years. The teachers are experienced, caring educators. He has learned so much and loves going to school everyday. I know he is well prepared for kindergarten next year. I look forward to sending my daughter to Red Door when she is old enough and having her experience all that this great school has to offer."


-Margaret G.

"You can ALWAYS pick out the Red Door child in a class."

"Two of my daughters have gone to Red Door. They were much further ahead of their classmates when entering kindergarten. You can ALWAYS pick out the Red Door child in a class. My daughter is now a senior in high school and will always remember the strong foundation she received at Red Door!!! 4.0 student and still sings all the fun songs she learned from preschool!!"

-Jane S.

"An awesome school with the most caring teachers."

“Jack, Dylan and Ryan have been given a great beginning to the educational journey by this team of educators. They give the kids the confidence to succeed at such an early age and it’s amazing watching their success continue into grade school. Thank you Red Door Staff.”

-Trisha F.

"We wish they had an elementary school!"

"What can I say? My daughter started in the two year old program and stayed through kindergarten. Every year was amazing and she loved every moment. We wish they had an elementary school! The staff and teachers were always so kind and caring. We miss our Red Door family."

-Amy H.

"We absolutely L O V E Red Door"

"We absolutely L O V E Red Door. All of the staff knows every kid by name and knows who their parents are. The teachers & staff are beyond friendly, kind, caring, and helpful. It was our sons first education experience when he was 5. He went to Pre-K and loved it so much we kept him there for Kindergarten. My other son started when he turned 4 in the Primer program and he has grown so much in the past 5 months! He will continue his education until 1st grade as well. My oldest is already telling me to send his 1 year old sister there because it’s colorful, they learn heggerty (reading) and all the fun he has. I highly suggest Red Door! Plus, I love all the events they do and love getting pictures of my kiddos during the day."

-Alyssia L.

Why do YOU love Red Door?

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