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Getting the Most Out of Pre-K: The Most Important Year of School

The thought of little backpacks, lunches, and new friends are an exciting part of a parent’s journey in preparing for Preschool.

Choosing a quality Preschool Program adds value in the most formative stages of a child’s educational experience.

“Successful Pre-K Programs teach children to be learners, how to be curious about how things work and find answers to problems.” Red Door fosters this love of curiosity through hands-on experiences and opportunities to learn about things that surround the children in their lives. Our certified teachers always engage our young learners in rich conversations.

Great teachers “ask open-ended questions, what they think and what they want to know.” Through Project Based Learning, our students have this choice. They are free to discover their learning through this choice and play. Our “Big Ideas” allow our students to discover the world, while learning skills and setting their own goals. Studies have shown that children who set goals, even at the preschool age, actually used richer vocabulary, especially around special skills and building concepts.

“Another really important piece of a good program is that it focuses on things like self-control and behavior in the class, how to wait your turn, how to share, how to deal with frustration and how to solve conflicts.” The staff at Red Door exudes a love for all children. Our program teaches children to be mindful in all of their actions. We teach the children to communicate feelings to help solve problems in a nurturing environment. This executive functioning skill starts to develop at a preschool age and continues into adulthood.

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