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Red Door Launches Capital Campaign With Community Event

Red Door Early Learning Center is proud to announce the launch of our Capital Campaign, which seeks to continue our mission with the support of the community, businesses, and families. A community event marked the beginning of the campaign, and we would like to share the inspiring words of Sara Kimble, our Executive Director, from the event:

Good evening,

Thank you for your attendance tonight.

I am humbled to be in a room of people representing so many different aspects of our community. We all share one thing in common. Passion. Whether we are passionate about medicine, real estate, business ventures, or teaching, we all can share the feeling of magic when individuals who are passionate about a project come together for one common goal.

Red Door is the product of two key ingredients, a supportive and knowledgeable board and highly qualified teachers. John and Trisha Fistner and Joe and Sarah Perrotta donated time and money to build us a school. They continue to give endless support and love as our program develops. They believe in the importance of Early Childhood Education and a staff that adds value to our community. Our teachers hold certifications in both Early Childhood and Elementary Education. They are committed to growing standards, undergoing continuous professional development to hone their craft. It is a privilege to come and work alongside such committed and talented men and women. 

Our STEAM-based curriculum provides opportunities for our children to discover and marvel as their ideas and creations come to fruition. The projects our students create in the classrooms show their growth as well as an understanding of the world and all the possibilities it holds. Science is brought to life as real-world experiments provide a discovery for learning that is contagious. Our Art show is top notch! Teachers work endlessly to build a sense of pride in our students as our building is transformed into beautiful original works of art. Our teachings across the curriculum support concepts of mathematics and a phonics program that will undeniably promote a love of reading. And the magic of all of this….it is done through play, and at any given moment you hear laughter, see smiles, and witness a love of learning that will forever be a part of our student’s educational journey.

Our state-approved curriculum belongs to all children, all races and cultures, and has no boundaries for social economic statuses. It is a safe place for children both typical and atypical to thrive and grow in their own journey. It is a place where outstanding educators work alongside of exceptional therapists to strengthen a child’s development while supporting families along this initial journey.  Red Door promises our families, classrooms filled with imagination, wonder, and mindfulness through a passionate, consistent, and highly qualified staff. It delivers our future business leaders, doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, and has the realization that all practices and careers stem from early childhood education.

Red Door will continually seek the best, offering opportunities for each and every child that comes through our doors.”

Learn more about how you can support Red Door at


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