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Preparing Your Young Child for Life as a Pre-Schooler

Too soon? Well, not really. As we head into August, it’s time to condition your young child for life as a pre-school student.

1. Sleep: Start now getting your child on a regular sleep schedule. Back up summer bed time a little each nite.

2. Routines: Consider going back to school-year routines, like getting up at the same time every day…soon.

3. Shopping for School Supplies: If it’s possible to do, take your child with you when you shop for supplies.

Create excitement by permitting them to have input into things like choosing a back pack, snack container or tote bag.

4. Bathroom Strategies: Work with your child on his/her ability to recognize when he/she has to use the bathroom. Children this age typically do not want to leave a preferred activity, like playing with friends, simply to use the toilet. Coach them during preferred play to use the bathroom and return to play.

5. Hygeine​: Teach and practice with your child the correct steps to hand washing, covering a sneeze or cough ( elbow) and using a tissue.

6. Choosing School Clothes: When buying clothes your child will wear to Red Door, remember this…Kids will be active, get dirty outside, spill, get glue and other sticky things on themselves. Opt for casual clothes. The dressy clothes are adorable, yet they aren’t practical.

7. “Mom, we have a situation here!” Have you seen the TV commercial for bleach where the little boy is stuck in his shorts in the bathroom because he can’t negotiate his belt? We see it every day. Put your child in practical clothes that they can maneuver. Belts, buttons and snug- fitting tights are the enemy when you’re 3 & 4 yrs. old and trying to ‘do it myself.’

See you in about 3 weeks!



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