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Why Choose Red Door’s K-Kids Program?

Our K-Kids (short for Kindergarten Kids) program will be in its 13th year in 2017. The program was started to offer a full day learning experience to students enrolled in half-day kindergarten. That continues today.

For students enrolled in Kindergarten at Hopewell or Liberty Bell Elementary Schools, K-Kids is a great way to enrich his/her experience. With free busing between the schools and Red Door, there’s simply no reason not to join us!

But wait – there’s more:

1. K-Kids affords your kindergarten student the opportunity to participate in fun learning activities that enhance his/her kindergarten program.

2. At the same time, K-Kids gives your child the chance to delve into, and explore more deeply, topics that are only touched upon in a typical half-day kindergarten program.

3. The life of a kindergarten teacher is no walk in the park. They are charged with taking a group of children, some whom have had prior pre-school experience, and some who have not, and preparing them for the rigors of elementary school.

4. With so much on the line in the kindergarten language arts and math curricula, time for things like science, art, music, dramatic play and outside time is limited.

5. …and that’s where K-Kids comes in to save the day!

6. At Red Door, your child will participate in STEAM activities designed to prepare him/her to think analytically, solve problems and work in partnership with classmates on multi-day and multi-week projects.

7. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and intentionally-designed, and is bursting with topics that inspire kids to not only love to learn, but to question and look closely at the world around them.

8. Our K-Kids Lead Teacher, Kelli Cosgrave, has taught Kindergarten in both the public and charter schools. Kelli also taught at Red Door when her son, Kellan, was with us for 3 years! She creates an incredibly fun and intriguing environment where students flourish.

9. Kelli and her team will work closely with your child’s kindergarten teacher should the need arise for supplemental academic support, too.

We have two K-Kids sessions: 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. In either case, your child will have a brown-bag lunch and recess time with friends at Red Door. Busing between Red Door and Hopewell and Liberty Bell is available.

Find out more about the Red Door philosophy and curriculum here.

Spaces are filling! Claim your child’s place by completing and submitting your Admission Form online today.



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