Patrick Brogle, MD - St. Luke's Orthopedics, Bethlehem

Reading Electric, Reading PA

The Bagel Basket, Hellertown

Deja Brew, Bethlehem

DiMaio's Restaurant, Hellertown

Saylor's, Hellertown

Subway, Hellertown

Frey's Better Foods, Hellertown

Braveheart, Hellertown

Feasta Pizza, Hellertown

Vassi's, Hellertown

Crossroads Hotel, Hellertown

Sweet & Sassy, Center Valley

Fuzziwigs Candy, Center Valley

Portrait Innovations, Center Valley

Hair Designs by Chrystal Hill, Hellertown

Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, Allentown

Lehigh Valley Zoo, Schnecksville

Pelican, Quakertown

The Little Chef, Bethlehem

A Furry Tail Come True, Hellertown & Nazareth

The Flamingo Motel, OC, MD

Old Pro Mini Golf, OC, MD

Laytons on 92nd Street, OC, MD

Trendz, Hellertown

Stampin' Up - Jennifer Gregorsky, Hellertown

Bella's Ristorante, Hellertown

Giant Food Store, Hellertown

Saucon Valley Sporting Goods, Hellertown

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Lower Saucon United Church of Christ, Hellertown
Red Door Early Learning Center @ LSUCC


- Programs for Children Ages 2 through 6 years. 
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Photo courtesy Julie Vautrin

Who Are We?

Red Door Early Learning Center @ LSUCC is a private, non-profit early learning center. At the same location for 50 years, Red Door is home to an incredible teaching team of 14 educators. We serve our students in a loving, supportive setting, highlighting both social and academic readiness, discovery and creativity, and awareness of one's world. We recognize the value of the early education experience and work tirelessly to ignite the spark of imagination in your child. 

Our Mission
1. To provide a caring, safe and nurturing environment where learning flourishes and students develop critical life skills.
2. To instill a love of learning in each student.
3. To develop positive relationships with students and their families.
4. To provide a myriad of opportunities for early learning and to build the foundation for future student success.
5. To work cooperatively with our community and school district.
6. To insure that Red Door students are fully prepared to enter kindergarten & 1st grade, and that parents, families and our students’ future teachers recognize the level of preparedness Red Door provides.
7. To enrich learning skills in the content areas for currently enrolled Kindergarten students; to provide kindergarten readiness learning for final year Red Door
Pre-School students.
8. To engage students in creative, active learning that develops positive social characteristics.
9. To offer a unique program that enhances the students’ current learning environment.
10. To position students for increasing responsibilities and independence   

We hold membership in, or otherwise donate to,
the following organizations
- National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
- PA Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
- Saucon Valley Youth Sports Association
- Hellertown Little League
- Pediatric Cancer Foundation
- Autism Speaks
- DaVinci Science Center
- American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Saucon Valley 
- Melanoma Research Foundation Youth Education Program
- Food Bank @ New Jerusalem
- Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley
- Special Olympics
- Leukemia and Lymphoma 100 Mile Bike Event
- Down Syndrome Foundation of the Lehigh Valley

The curriculum in each of our programs follows the PA Common Core Standards for Pre-K Education. To review the standards, please follow this link: