2021 Red Door Summer Camp Programs

Innovative Summer Camp Programs for ages 3 Entering First Grade

Please call or email  s.kimble@reddoorelc.org or a.lueddeke@reddoorelc.org if you have any questions about registration 

Daily Activity Details:


All campers, in addition to the special activities and programs planned, will enjoy a story relating to the daily topic and create an art project with Mrs. Z, our Art Teacher at Red Door. The afternoon program begins with a lunch from home and will continue with activities and games supporting the weekly theme. There are no naps offered during camp weeks.

Summer Camp Weeks and Themes

June 21st - Reptile Week - FULL

Explore the world of Science with Dinosaurs and Reptiles!!! Our students will learn about different types of dinosaurs, play dino games, go on reptile hunts, and create prehistoric art!! This week, we welcome back P.T. Reptiles, Peter Rushton with all of his amazing reptile friends! Students will get hands-on experience with different reptiles from around the world! This is a favorite week for so many!!

June 28th - Exploring STEAM! - FULL

This week we will put our scientists to work!! STEAM challenges, physics, chemistry, biology and all things Science will be making an appearance at Red Door with help from our Science teacher Mrs. Eisenbraun! DaVinci Science Center will also be making an appearance on Thursday!!! Mrs. Z, our art teacher, helps to transform Red Door every year with outstanding works of art. This week will bring out the artist in everyone as part of our STEAM initiatives!! Multistep projects across various forums will be introduced. The students will be excited and proud to create an original work of art to share with you at home!

July 12th - On the Farm! - FULL

Have you ever milked a cow, fed a pig, or rode a pony? This week we will bring all elements from the farm to Red Door! We will be playing games, introducing animals, creating animal art, as well as having some fun interactive experiences with ponies! We will have ponies at Red Door this week to ride! Songs and music will help us to get movin’ to a hoedown at the school!

July 19th - Healthy Mind, Healthy Me! - FULL

Do you like to bake, create fun snacks, and learn about how food is made? This is your week! Melissa Bohan Cuomo is one of our Red Door staff members who also has a special talent in decorating cakes and cupcakes as well as putting together some delicious snacks that are fun to make! Melissa will share some of her homemade recipes and help students with meal prep for some fun and tasty snacks to eat! Moondog Yoga is coming to Red Door! Miss Colleen has been an early childhood educator for close to 30 years and realized how yoga helps children to focus and settle themselves in her classroom. She is excited to teach our summer campers about yoga, all while using early childhood creative moves to keep all children entertained!

July 26th - Kick It Up! - FULL

Get ready to learn new skills this week!! Saucon Valley Karate Academy will be here providing martial arts introductory lessons and new skills to keep our bodies focused. This is a great week to advance on new skills if you are a current student, and explore the disciplines of martial arts if this is your first time! One of our Red Door mom’s, Lindsey Murray will be here to show us how to get movin with zumba!! We will learn new dance moves and have fun putting our bodies in motion.

August 2nd - Sports Galore - FULL

Mr. Tim Bidwell has been a Phys Ed., Health teacher, and coach since 2002. He is the proud dad of 2 Red Door Alumni, Carter and Juliet and will be with us for Fitness Fun Week. Mr. Bidwell will be with us for the week to get our bodies moving! It will be a week of multi-sport themed games, tag games, lead-up games and activities to introduce your child to a variety of sports and sports skills. He has a lot of fun and experience to share with us. Skills practiced throughout the week will be throwing, catching, kicking and hand/eye coordination but all in a FUN manner which will promote readiness for a variety of sports.

Pricing and Scheduling

5 days a Week (Monday-Friday):

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: $50/week

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM: $300/week

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM: $350/week

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM: $100/week

3 days a Week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday):

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: $30/week

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM: $200/week

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM: $250/week

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM: $60/week

Payment (By June 1st)

All tuition for camp must be paid by check only.
Tuition payment and all paperwork are due by June 1st to reserve your spot in the camp. Please make payment to Red Door ELC.

Student File

All tuition for camp must be paid by check only.
Tuition payment and all paperwork are due by June 1st to reserve your spot in the camp. Please make payment to Red Door ELC.

Current Red Door students:

Current Red Door students do NOT need to fill out the paperwork below.

New Red Door Students:

All new students to Red Door must print and fill out all forms below.

Please call or email m.bidwell@reddoorelc.org if you have any questions about register. 

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