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How Red Door Promotes Project-Based Learning

Here at Red Door, we use a concept known as Project-Based Learning as the basis for our developmentally appropriate, intentionally designed curriculum.

Our Director of Curriculum, Sara Belyea, describes it as follows:

”Project-Based Learning is inquiry-based learning where the process of investigation is emphasized. We are teaching our students how to learn as much as we are teaching them content.”

Each teacher designs her/his lesson with the following “Hows” in mind:

  • How to look closely and observe

  • How to investigate, explore, and experiment

  • How to make predictions and draw conclusions

  • How to ask questions and find answers

  • How to take risks

  • How to learn from mistakes

  • How to make connections

  • How to work together and collaborate

  • How to respectfully listen to the ideas of others

Of course there are skills that come along with Project-Based Learning design that can be used across domains:

  • Classification

  • Comparing/Contrasting

  • Sorting

  • Comparison

  • Measurement

  • Problem Solving

  • Reasoning

Why did we choose Project-Based Learning?

We choose this approach to curriculum development because these are the traits of a life-long learner.



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