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March News


As of our latest enrollment report, we have already exceeded the current year’s enrollment!

But, don’t worry! We have room left, especially in our K-Kids program which we design specifically for those students with half day Kindergarten – tell your friends to go to the website and check us out! Learn more about our K-Kids program here.

What’s happening at the Center Valley location now?

Interior demolition started March 6th and the remodeling begins as soon as the demolition is completed. View photos of the progress here. The team has been working with the architectural and design firm Alloy 5 and the marketing agency DAY Vision Marketing.

Our contractor is Allerton Fox. In a short while, we will launch a capital campaign and will be looking for support. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be scheduled, so stay tuned for your invitation!

Prepping for Summer Science with DaVinci:

We intend to hold camp at our new facility. Our first day will be either June 19 or June 26th and will run through August 4 (except for July 4th week.) Kids from Pre-K through Grade 5 will be able to come to science camp for half or full days, 5 days per week. (Primer – 3 half days.)

How will Red Door ELC, Inc. be managed?

Red Door Early Learning Center, Inc. is a registered nonprofit corporation in PA. We have applied for our 501(c)3 tax exemption and that is in process. Like any non-profit, Red Door will be managed by a Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors currently consists of: Karol DiPasquale, Executive Director Kristen Buckno, Assistant Executive Director Trisha Fistner, President Sarah Perrotta, Vice-President Joseph Perrotta, Treasurer John Fistner, Secretary


We will continue our relationship with the DaVinci Science Center and the Hellertown Library.  We are planning to form additional partnerships with Sacred Heart Senior Living by the Creek for an intergenerational experience and service project for our students; with PSU-LV; with the Upper Saucon Twp. Library and with other business located in the area surrounding the new school.

If you have a connection with any businesses – or educational institutions – that you think would be interested in a relationship, please contact Karol DiPasquale @



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